Ag in the City’s

Mission and Goals



 We want to unite people and inspire healthy communities by encouraging, supporting and developing programs to increase the availability of healthy produce and food throughout the United States.

Improving communities:

Our organization uses urban agriculture and fresh produce markets to foster healthy and friendlier neighborhoods, spawn economic activity and offer beneficial services to disadvantaged communities.

Increasing the availability of fresh produce:

At the core of our organization is the desire for everyone to be secure in their basic need for quality food. Ag in the City sees itself as the hub of urban agricultural initiatives in Louisville and foundational to the spread of urban agriculture amongst urban populations for the foreseeable future. By providing educational workshops, home garden installations, produce by back initiatives and produce stand ownership opportunities, we hope to increase interest in horticulture as an income producing venture in urban areas.

Vision Statement:

Ag in the City’s Vision is to bring communities together around the central focus of fresh produce.

Bringing Residents together:

Ag in the City values close community relationships. Neighborhood farmers’ markets are perfect places for people to come together and get to know each other. With the increase in food production due to our home and commercial gardening initiatives, neighbors will be able to supply their own markets and trade produce and growing expertise with each other. Communities will be able to create economic opportunities for themselves centered around their neighborhood micro food system.

Core Values:

Ag in the City values economic empowerment, cooperative economics, and responsibility to the communities we serve. Everything we try to do is with the goal empowering people economically. We understand that many of the disparities affecting urban communities can be related to lack of income opportunities. Therefore we want to create spaces that give minority ag related businesses opportunities to market their brand and make money. This goes hand in hand with our core values and the belief that by working together we all prosper.

Who do we serve:

Ag in the City serves all of Louisville but we are currently focusing a large portion of our efforts on the low income underserved communities in the west end, with a disproportionate amount of food insecurity.

Who do we work with:

We work with local and rural farmers and community organizations to provide food and services to the greatest number of those in need as possible.

What have we done:

Ag in the City has trained several people on hydroponic vegetable and microgreen production, one of whom has gone on to start his own business providing these items to local restaurants (KY Greens Produce). We also created West Louisville’s only farmers market (2019) in the Shawnee Neighborhood where we sold produce weekly from June to November. We also manage a 5 acre community garden with community gardeners and 2 greenhouses where we grow hydroponic vegetables throughout the fall and winter. Lastly we have begun networking with local farmers, who lack sufficient market outlets, to purchase produce directly from them to supply our weekly produce boxes.

The Crew

Stephen Lewis

Mr. Ag aka The Plant Man

Tidal Garret

The Naturalist aka The Mushroom Man

Board of Directors

Amanda Lee


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Adam Cheise


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Amanda Lee


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